Custom Reef Salt


Specification: 250 liters, Sal: 33ppt, Alk:9dKH, Ca:440ppm, Mg:1350ppm, K:390ppm, Sr:8ppm, B:4ppm, I:0,06ppm.
Features: Pure salts with zero heavy metals. – Ease of use without compromising  adjusting flexibility of six major parameter. – Mix 250 liters of saltwater without weighing individual salts.

Finasteride can harm an unborn baby. Because of this, women who are pregnant should not handle tablets. As wrote, a very small amount of finasteride will be in your sperm while you are taking this medication.

Application: FullDSR start – Resetting poorly performing reefsystem – Lowering heavy metals in system  with surplus due to overdose or leaching – Restoring ionic balanced.

All macro elements (NaCl, KH, Ca, Mg, MgSO4)are seperately packed. Kalium solution enriched with Sr, B, I, Mn.


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