CarbonVS 1000ml


Target: 0,5 – 2,5 ppm nitrate
Lower nitrate by increasing daily dose with 120% steps until target or maximum dose is reached. Reduce daily dose when water get blurred or nitrate is lower than 0,5ppm.
Dosing min/max: 0,5 – 5ml / 100l
Start dosing: 0,5g / 100l per day


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Target 0,4-2ppb (maximum 1ppb/d)Manganese improve goniopora’s and other LPS corals health and polyps expansion.Concentration: 0,1ml / 100l =
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.Triton Lab ICP-OES
Met deze TRITON ICP OES TESTSET worden de volgende parameters op een zeer nauwkeurig niveau getest: Na, Ca, Mg, K, Sr, B, Br, S,Li, Be, Ba,
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